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Indications for Use - LightPod Era

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LightPod Era

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Used LightPod Era laser

A refurbished certified unit would have the same characteristics as a brand new lasers - the same warranty, service, clinical training and support.


Testimonials from LightPod Era laser surgeons

"Patients are pleased that only one treatment session is necessary for profound results. I find the laser to be easy to use with a wide margin of safety. The laser’s unique collimated beam provides the convenience to work in close proximity to the eyes." - James Gordon, MD


"The most unique aspects of this laser are its portability and effectiveness. I find the limited thermal damage to produce less erythema. Patient acceptance has been enthusiastic. And it is easy to move the laser between my two office locations." - James Newman, MD


"I have used the LightPod Era laser in my clinics for about four years. I find it effective and safe; my patients have been highly satisfied with the results. I believe the LightPod will generate great interest and enthusiasm among physicians dealing with cosmetic issues of skin and for those who want to start using lasers" - Khalil Khatri, MD


"A promising novel technique employs combining the Neo and Era to perform the Aerolase BFR treatment. This treatment can simultaneously stimulate deep collagen remodeling while dramatically improving the appearance of the surface tissue. Furthermore, owning both LightPod lasers enables me to offer a full range of aesthetic laser services to include common treatments such as hair removal & PFB reduction, scar revision for redness reduction, vascular and pigmented lesion removal, and ablation of cutaneous lesions." - Edmund Liu, MD