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Why Buy Used Lasers?

used certified lasers from Aerolase

Why would I need a laser or a laser skin clinic?

As insurance companies and HMOs squeeze more and more profit from medical practices, physicians have to find new sources of income. Elective medical cosmetic laser procedures are the most attractive, practical and profitable addition to any physician's business. Baby Boomers and increasingly younger population are seeking non-surgical services in their medical clinics, where they feel comfortable and secure with the doctors they have known for years. Hair removal, tatoo removal, facial spot removal, spider vein removal, cellulite removal, and other elective cosmetic procedures have shifted from extravagent to mainstream. If you do not offer these services, your patients will find a provider. Why watch this growth area leave your practice to go elsewhere? With a versatile laser like LightPod Neo you can introduce many popular non-surgical procedures in your office and market them to your own patient base.

What's the main reason to buy used?

The cost of investment, of course! If you buy a new unit you will have to treat many more patients before you see the return on your investment. Factor in your marketing and advertising dollars, overhead, other expenses... and there's no guarantee that your local market can sustain the volume of customers you hoped for when you invested a hundred grand into a new laser. Buy wisely - buy used certified!

Am I missing out on the efficacy?

Not at all! Our refurbished manufacturer certified lasers have similar specs, capabilities and available warranty coverage as the new units. These devices can get a detailed service and be upgraded with the latest electronic boards and software.

What happens after the warranty runs out?

You can purchase extended warranty from the manufacturer.

More about LightPod YAGs
Nd:YAG 1064 and Erbium lasers by Aerolase

Introduction | Meet Aerolase
Learn about the unique and patented air cooling design, which makes LightPod lasers LightPod lasers ideal for medical and aesthetic applications in primary care, family practice, OB/GYN, dermatology, plastic surgery, medical spa and laser skin and vein centers.

LightPod Neo 1064 YAG | LightPod Era Erbium
Each laser provides medical and aesthetic professionals with an effective tool to expand the range of procedures and improve the bottom line of the practice. The use of both lasers will lift your cash revenue potential to a totally new level.

Neo Laser | Versatility for any laser center
LightPod Neo with MicroPulse-1064™ is FDA approved for more than 30 cutaneous conditions.

Era Laser | Skin Resurfacing
LightPod Era combines proprietary MicroPulse-2940™, a modality that efficiently removes tissue, with sophisticated energy parameters for precision ablation (skin peels) and minimized downtime.

Aerolase Difference
New era in compact, cost-effective performance for all clinicians and aesthetic specialists.

Advantages for your cosmetic laser center
Best technology for years to come. Wide range of procedures. Low acquisition cost = High profitability. Cash business for laser clinics. No maintenance, service or downtime headaches.